Best USB charging backpack: Our Top 5 Picks

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The USB charging backpack is a modern solution for the modern problem of our devices running out of charge. A nightmare situation for commuters and travelers out there. In this technology filled world, we bring our devices with us everywhere. Our devices act as an extension of ourselves. 

If your device runs out when you’re out, it can leave you in a sticky situation. With a million ‘what ifs’ running through your head – ‘what if I get lost?’, ‘what if someone needs to get in touch with me?’, or ‘what if I need to call someone?’ There is a solution; a very practical and stylish solution.

The solution is investing in a USB charging backpack. 

Everyone in need of a practical bag with ample space and ease of portability will buy and use a backpack. This is due to them being spacious, have plenty of storage/pockets, and mobility.

Now we have told you about this modern, sleek and helpful design, you may be wondering ‘what is the best USB Charging backpack you can buy?’, so we have created a list for you in which we will review products in plenty of detail.

We will evaluate each product based on a number of factors like the advantages and disadvantages, portability, and features.  

What is a USB charging backpack? 

A USB Charging backpack is a modern backpack to solve all of your charging problems. Perfect to use whilst out of your house, office, or anywhere with the ease of access to a charger. It offers a convenient and easy way to charge up devices through a built-in USB charging port. 

However, these USB charging backpacks are adaptable for regular use and tend to be rather spacious for your other belongings. In addition, there are plenty of stylish designs on the market.

Most of the USB charging backpacks out there are anti-theft. They are equipped with hidden pockets to store your devices and protective layers, which will ensure safety but deter thieves from stealing your belongings. 

Who should buy USB charging backpacks? 

In short – anyone with a chargeable device!

USB charging backpacks are the latest necessity for traveling. Whilst travelling, you don’t want to worry about your device running out of charge. Especially as it may be your main source of navigation or point of contact in the worst-case scenario. Well, they have you covered for that.

Yet, the built-in anti-theft features of the backpacks will ensure your belongings will be safe too! As it is common knowledge that travelers or tourists are seen as vulnerable and targets for thieves. 

In addition, USB charging backpacks are perfect for students or workers alike. If you’re commuting long distance to work then your phone is likely to be your main source of entertainment.

Or many people rely on their laptops to complete tasks on the go. So this time may feel wasted if your laptop runs out of charge. Therefore, USB charging backpacks will save you in the case of a low battery on any of your devices. 

Features to keep an eye on when choosing USB Charging Backpacks

There are various features you should consider when determining which USB charging backpack to buy, which will depend upon the purpose of it for you. The follwoing features are what we used to evaluate each of the products on our list for the best USB charging backpacks.

These features include: 

Anti-theft protection 

As we have previously mentioned, the importance of added anti-theft protection on a USB charging backpack is a prominent feature to ensure the safety of your belongings and money. So when you are looking at buying one of these backpacks, it will be worth your time to have a look at what anti-theft measures are put into place. Some of the anti-theft protection features include:

  • Durable and hidden zipper(s) in the bag
  • Lockable compartments for devices or money
  • Secret pockets for belongings to seem unnoticeable 
  • Protective layers that make the bag difficult to cut through.


Most of the products we have reviewed have multiple colors to chose from. Although many people out there may not care about how the product looks but care more about the quality of it, it is always an added benefit to having some choice. Furthermore, if you are planning to use it on a daily basis, it may result in you wanting something stylish and not too bulky. 

We suggest you check out the sizing specifications of the bag, particularly the length and width. Whilst most of them go up to 15 inches in length and that will be big enough for devices, some can come in smaller sizes, therefore certain backpacks may not be able to fit your laptop in and returning products is an avoidable hassle. 

However, the design of the backpack covers more than just the visual aesthetic side of it, it also covers the weight, amount of pockets, and material. Which are all personal choices to make before purchasing a USB charging backpack. 

Airport friendly

Ensuring the product is airport friendly is one of the quintessential factors for all travelers out there looking to buy a USB charging backpack. This is so that low-risk travelers can get through security at ease, without having to get all of their possessions out to be scanned. 

An important note to add is that if the backpack is equipped with a padlock is the check if it is TSA-approved before taking it through security, as you may have to buy another one if it is not. There are plenty of cheap and effective options for padlocks on Amazon


Choosing a product which is made from waterproof material is a very wise idea. If you want your backpack to last you throughout winter and unpredictable weather, then you’ll need to ensure the backpack is waterproof, as you won’t want your belongings to get wet or worse – broken or destroyed.

We will outline the waterproofing feature of each bag. Some of the products we will review are not entirely waterproof but can endure light drizzles or up to 10 minutes of rain, yet they are still excellent products. So the of this preference is down to you and the reason you are buying the bag.. 


The cost will always be a factor when it comes down to which product to buy, and we advise you to keep it in mind. The average price for a USB charging backpack is around $35 however, you can still get great products for $25.

Yet, you need to decide your budget before you buy one and check out the features of it; as you do not want to be overcharged for a product with just mediocre specifications. 


As USB charging backpacks tend to be more expensive than regular backpacks, you will want to get your money’s worth. Therefore, you want a product that is durable and sturdy, so that it does not rip or tear if you put in belongings that weigh a lot.

The most common and durable materials backpacks are made out of are nylon and polyester. A further bonus of these materials is that they are both waterproof.

Another vital element of backpacks to see if they are durable is the zippers because if they break they tend to be difficult to replace and fix. Often, the zipper will never be the same. 

Customer service

Despite this not having anything to do with the product itself, it is worth reviewing. If the product is damaged when it arrives and there isn’t a return policy, it will leave you in a difficult situation. Most products have a standardized 30-day return policy, but companies will listen to inquiries regarding defective products even beyond the 30-day period. 

Best USB Charging Backpacks – Our Top 5 Picks

We have produced a list of the best USB charging backpacks for you to consider. This list is in no particular order, but we have chosen a favorite in the verdict section of the guide. You can view this list below: 

1. Modoker – Vintage Backpack

Modoker was founded in 1993 and is a brand based in China, which is dedicated to creating products that are both stylish, practical, and modernized to fit your lifestyle. They are widely acclaimed all over the world for high-quality products, which help people during their travels or daily commuting.  

Although the company has many designs, we will only be reviewing our favorite one: Modoker Vintage, which includes anti-theft features, multiple compartments, and durable material. 

In terms of the anti-theft protection, this backpack is not exceptional. There are smaller pockets inside of the bag for things like money, passports, or ID cards, however they are not particularly hidden.

On the other hand, Modoker’s backpacks are extremely durable, and the zippers are strong, so this makes it harder for thieves to take advantage of the unsecured zipper. 

Modoker provide stylish yet practical bags

Part of Modoker’s aim is to provide stylish yet practical bags, and they certainly do not fail at that. Modoker’s vintage range of bags are beautifully made and are very fashionable. There is a range of choices regarding color.

The shape of the bag ensures that it will not look bulky whilst you are wearing it. This bag is Approximately 15.6 inches, which is big enough for the majority of devices. In addition, there are a total of 10 compartments ranging in size for all of your belongings. 

Modoker’s backpack is made out of strong canvas material, which makes the bag highly durable material, which is tear-resistant and can endure a lot of water (but not completely waterproof).

The product can be returned within 30 days of purchase. However, some buyers who have had issues with the backpack later than that have managed to compromise with Modoker as they have excellent customer service. 

This bag would be excellent for travel as there are plenty of compartments to fit in your belongings. The bag however, does not come with a padlock. 

We believe the cost for this product is very reasonable for the features they offer, it sits slightly below the average cost for a USB charging backpack. 


  1. Strong material
  2. Looks stylish 
  3. 10 compartments 
  4. Excellent customer service 
  5. Adjustable and comfortable straps 


  1. Is not very waterproof.
  2. Not many anti-theft features 
  3. Does not come with a padlock 
  4. Could be too small for hiking trips

2. KOPACK Laptop Backpack

KOPACK is a company that focuses on creating some of the best smart backpacks. They have a wide range of products, we will be reviewing the KOPACK laptop backpack

In particular, this product prides itself on being extremely secure with plenty of anti-theft features implemented. The laptop compartment is well padded and located near your shoulder straps, so you will quickly notice any theft activity going on in busy surroundings. Furthermore, there are lockable parts of the bag so that you can securely lock away any item you want.

On a side note, the padlock is not included in the bag.

The KOPACK USB charging backpack is sleek in design and comes in two colors. It has a minimalistic design to it, making the bag to look smart and suitable for any use.

The bag contains 6 spacious compartments. Despite there being plenty of room inside of the bag, the shell shape ensures that the backpack doesn’t look or feel too bulky. 

Due to the slimness of the backpack, this product is brilliant for traveling with as it can slip under an airplane chair. With the added security features, you can safely bring your backpack around the world with you.

As the padlock is not included with the product, if you are planning to travel with it then purchase a TSA-approved lock. 

KOPACK bags are durable

KOPACK ranks high in terms of durability. It is made from strong Oxford material, resulting in it being tear-resistant and somewhat waterproof (some customers question this). The zippers on the bag are very strong, and KOPACK claims they are 30-60% stronger than other brand’s zippers, meaning that they are more secure as they are harder to break open.

The cost of this backpack sits around the average for USB charging backpacks and has all the features that you could possibly want from a modern backpack. Although this backpack has mainly positives, there are a small number of disadvantages too. 


  1. Excellent anti-theft features 
  2. Slim and stylish design 
  3. Great for travel
  4. Durable material
  5. Strong zippers
  6. Not too expensive


  1. Is not entirely waterproof
  2. Does not come with a padlock
  3. Limited range of colors 

3. YOREPEK Travel Backpack

YOREPEK is a company which focuses solely on backpacks. Despite being a rather new brand (established 2016) they have gained a reputation for producing high-quality and practical products. We will be reviewing this product by YOREPEK. 

This product is above the average cost for a USB charging backpack. However, we believe it is worth the extra money for all of the amazing features it consists of. Among the neat features, the USB port is external and it provides the great ability to charge your devices without opening the bag.

Regarding anti-theft protection, the zippers on this particular product are heavy and durable. Inside the bag, there are compartments where padlocks can be added for further protection. 

In particular, this TSA-approved product is ideal for travelers, as it will allow you to get through airport security relatively quickly, without having to take out all of your things whilst passing through. In addition, you will be able to fit in everything you need.

YOREPEK’s attractive design

The most attractive element of this bag is the design. It comes in 7 different colors and is very large, at 19.4 inches long, so any laptop of that size or smaller will be able to fit in. There are over 20 small compartments, and 3 large ones for bigger items. However, due to its huge capacity, the product can be regarded as quite bulky. 

YOREPEK’s USB charging backpack ranks high in terms of durability. The bag itself is made out of high-quality polyester, and as a result makes the bag waterproof and tear-resistant. 

The straps are padded and adjustable, and has been included for extra comfort. In addition, it has a steel handle above the straps which makes it easy to carry around. 


  1. High capacity 
  2. Over 20 compartments
  3. TSA-approved 
  4. Highly durable 
  5. Comfortable padding 


  1. Bulky 
  2. Can tear if roughly handled
  3. More expensive than other options 

4. WhiteFang

WhiteFang created innovative products for all types of travelers and hikers out there, this brand is highly acclaimed globally for its high quality and effective products. We are particularly fond of their USB charging backpack.

The backpack stands at 17.3 inches and sits just above the average cost for these types of bags. We believe that WhiteFang’s product is brilliant for the cost, with some very attractive features to it. 

In terms of the design of this product, it is bulky, yet this is because of the high capacity and multiple compartments / pockets inside of it. For your comfort, the handles on this backpack are padded so if you are wearing it for a long period of time (such as hiking) you will not have marks on your skin. There is a separate laptop compartment, which can fit any laptop that’s 17.3 inches or below inside of it. Additionally there is a tablet section as well. 

WhiteFang rate very highly for durability, as their USB charging backpack is manufactured out of high-quality polyester and SBS metal zipper. The outer layer of the bag is made out of waterproof material, and the inner layer is made out of SVC waterproof material, providing excellent protection to your belongings from the rain. 

This particular product is designed for traveling. It is TSA friendly, therefore it makes the security part of the airport an easy process. The separate laptop compartment allows extra security from damage to your laptop. Furthermore, there is a hidden pocket inside the backpack which is designed to keep thieves away.

The WhiteFang company offers an amazing 3-year warranty or return on their products, and they have designed their bags to last for the long term. 


  1. External USB 
  2. Excellent durability 
  3. High capacity 
  4. 3-year warranty 
  5. Made out of effective waterproof materials


  1. Bulky 
  2. Expensive compared to other products
  3. Has a weight limit of around 16 pounds


For almost 30 years SAMI STUDIO has focused on creating backpacks and other types of bags that are of high quality, particularly focusing on the security of your belongings. SAMI STUDIO’s products are high in quality, yet are also reasonably priced and sitting below the average cost for a USB charging backpack. Within this review, we will be looking at SAMI STUDIO’s USB charging and anti-theft backpack. 

One of the main aims of this USB charging backpack is to be as anti-theft as possible. SAMI STUDIO has achieved this by hiding the main zipper to the bag beneath materials, making it harder for potential thieves to locate. On the back of this bag, there is a hidden pocket for your most valuable belongings to go in. 

SAMI STUDIO has great features

Regarding design, this backpack has some brilliant features in addition to others that are not so appealing. The backpack is slim and can fit a laptop that’s up to 15.6 inches in length, and has many pockets inside of it. The USB charging port is located inside of the backpack however, unlike other bags, it is not solar-powered and the power bank has to be charged before you take it out with you.

SAMI STUDIO’s anti-theft backpack is sturdy and durable, the material of this backpack is high-quality polyester therefore, it is difficult to tear or scratch. It can endure rain for a maximum of 10 minutes, so it is not ideal for hiking in extreme conditions or if you are expecting rain.

Due to the slimness of the bag, it is brilliant for traveling and will fit under your seat on a plane. Furthermore, the luggage strap will allow you to attach it to your suitcase. 


  1. Excellent anti-theft features 
  2. Slim and stylish 
  3. Great for traveling 
  4. Sturdy 
  5. Highly durable
  6. Extremely affordable


  1. Not waterproof 
  2. Does not power itself 
  3. Somewhat small 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read our guide to the top 5 picks for USB charging backpacks, we think that the best is YOREPEK’s large USB charging backpack! This product ticks all the boxes for a backpack that you could possibly want for your travels, such as its TSA-approved stamp, 20+ compartments, and amazing durability.

Although this product is more expensive than the average USB charging backpack, you will have a great product that should last you a long while.

We also recommend Modoker’s USB charging backpack if you want something a little more stylish for travel, business or college. Although it does not have the same durability or traveling features to it, Modoker has created a fashionable and practical bag, which is made out of eco-friendly materials and has plenty of room for all of your belongings.

However, the best product for you may be different from ours – and that’s fine! We believe all of the products we evaluated are great options.

If you have any questions about any of the USB charging backpacks we reviewed in this guide, then feel free to comment below or get in touch and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

If you have any specific products you want us to review or create a guide to, then please contact us and we will help you out as we aim to help out travelers all around the world.

You can check out more reviews about traveling gear in the gear section.