Teva vs Chaco – Which is the Best Sandal for Hiking?

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Do you hate to wear those tightly-fitted shoes during your outdoor adventures? Do they make you uncomfortable? Well, don’t worry; there are alternatives that can protect your feet and provide you with utmost comfort during your hiking, trekking, and other outdoor adventures. The alternatives we are talking about here are hiking/travel sandals. In this article, we’ll compare two top-rated outdoor sandals on the market – Teva vs Chaco.

We browsed over 15 sandals and found these two brands to be the highest rated. Read further to browse through the Teva vs Chaco in-depth comparison. By the end of the comparison, you’ll surely be able to decide whether you’re a Chaco fan or a Teva lover.

Chaco sandals – An overview

If you’re looking for an all-rounder outdoor or travel sandal, Chaco can be a great buy. From long backcountry hikes to casual strolls through the markets, this heavy-duty footwear is crafted to provide you with comfort and support wherever you go.

Chaco sandals come in many great designs and styles. At first glance, they all may look similar. But, each Chaco sandal is designed for specific use. A few common features that can be found in all Chaco sandals are – a thick, long-lasting sole, and Chaco’s symbolic patterned straps.

You can select from single and double strap models, different sole types, and toe loop options. All Chaco sandals are made of superior-quality materials and are adjustable.

Some of the striking features of Chaco sandals are a strong sole, Z-strap pattern, and a sole buckle.

Unlike Teva, all Chaco sandals are manufactured in the USA.

Different Chaco models on the market

Based on the types of straps and soles, here’s a list of the best-selling Chaco models on the market:

Strap type

Based on the strap type – toe loop or no toe loop, there are four Chaco models that are trending in the market, Chaco Z1, Chaco ZX1, Chaco Z2, Chaco ZX2.

While Chaco Z1 and Chaco ZX1 do not have toe loops, Chaco Z2, and Chaco ZX2 come with toe loops.

Most of the buyers prefer the toe loops as they provide better control. However, some users have mentioned that toe loops are a bit uncomfortable.

Let’s look at the basic difference between the Z and ZX models.

Chaco Z

The solid web-type strap that is Chaco’s signature design. Latest Chaco Z model- Chaco Z2.

Chaco ZX

A single-piece split strap to provide a great fit. Latest Chaco ZX model – Chaco ZX.

Sole type

On the basis of the sole, Chaco can be classified into three models – Terreno, Colorado, and Chacogrip.

All the three soles come with unique features and prices.

Terreno and Colorado are made of Vibram TC1 compounds that are non-marking. The main difference between the two soles is the depth of the lug, primarily the tread thickness. The lug of Terrono measures 4.5mm, while the lug of Colorado measures 3mm. Terreno is heavier than Colorado. While Colorado offers an optimum surface area, Terreno provides enhanced durability and traction on the mountain terrains.

Chacogrip is a newly launched sole and is made of a material that provides ample traction and anti-slip functionality.

Out of all the three soles – Chacogrip ranks on the top for great overall performance.

Materials used in Chaco sandals

The secret behind the durability of Chaco sandals is the superior-quality materials. The straps are made of polyester. They are long-lasting and non-stretchable. As already mentioned above, the Chaco soles are made of Vibram TC1 compounds and Chacogrip.

Chacogrip is ideal for use in wet conditions as it provides improved traction. It is tough and stands strong against wear and tear. The underfoot area of the sandals incorporates LUVseat technology which has been patented by Chaco and is made of polyurethane. No cheap foam material is used in the sandals. The footbed provides stability and better cushioning.

Are Chaco sandals waterproof?

Well, Chaco sandals are water-resistant, but not water-proof. This means that water does not harm the material of the sandals in any way. The material of Chaco sandals absorbs water.

The sandals not only absorb water quickly, they also expel water very fast and dry quickly. So, if you’re planning to cross a river, make sure you use only Chaco sandals.

Are Chaco sandals true to size?

When buying a Chaco sandal, you don’t need to worry about the size and fit. All Chaco sandals are true to size. You won’t find half-size Chaco sandals anywhere on the market. Moreover, the sandals are adjustable, and even if they’re a little loose, you can adjust the size by tightening the straps.

After going through the existing customer reviews, our experts have found out that Chaco sandals run a little large in size. What does that mean? For instance, if you’re size 7, order size 7 and you’ll be good go. But, if you’re 7.5, don’t order 8, order 7 only and you’ll be fine.

Best-selling Chaco sandals on the market – 3 top picks

Based on extensive market research and the reviews and ratings of existing customers, we’ve picked 3 top-rated Chaco sandals. Let’s look at them one by one.

Chaco Z1

Material100% Polyester
Heel height1 inch (25.4 mm)
Midsole PU
Strap typeAdjustable webbed straps
Weight2.05 lbs. (929g)

The Chaco Z1 sandal is one of the most classic models of all time. The sandals are made of 8 parts for comfortable hiking, travel, walking, and more. The sandals come with Chaco’s signature straps and beautifully adjusts to your feet.

The LuvSeat PU footbed provides utmost comfort. For those who’re looking for outdoor sandals that offer more control and a casual fit, the Chaco Z1 is not a good buy as it doesn’t come with the toe loops.

Till a few years back, the Chaco Z1 sandals came with Vibram soles. However, the sandals are now equipped with ChacoGrip outsoles that are extremely useful on the trail and highly effective.

Chaco ZX2

Material100% Polyester
Heel height1 inch (25.4 mm)
Midsole PU
Strap typeQuick drying adjustable webbed straps
Weight0.75 lb. (340g)

Many design features of Chaco ZX2 are similar to Chaco Z1. Instead of the classic, sturdy strap, they come with a styled double strap and are still made of 8 parts. Even though the double strap may not feel very comfortable, it provides better adjustability and enhanced performance comfort.

The toe-loop of the Chaco ZX2 sandals provides great control. Similar to Z1, the ZX2 sandals come with the LUVseat PU footbed and ChacoGrip outsole. Overall, Chaco Z2 sandals are suitable for all outdoor activities – from long hikes to short walks.

Chaco Z Volv

Material100% Synthetic
Heel height1.5 inches (38.1 mm)
Midsole PU
Strap typeQuick drying adjustable webbed straps
Weight1.86 lb. (843g)

The Chaco Z Volv sandals come with all the features that are present in the Chaco sandal range. However, the weight is on the lower side, and the look is more modern and stylish. The adjustable webbed upper straps and an elegant ladder lock buckle make the sandals reliable and comfortable to wear.

The sandals are made of 100% vegan-friendly materials, and the outsole is made of the non-marking EcoTread outsole that contains 25% of recycled rubber.

Pros and cons of Chaco sandals


  • Durable, sturdy, and comfortable sandals
  • Thick sole which provides great cushioning and support
  • Completely adjustable straps
  • Suitable for water activities such as river crossing
  • Anti-slip sandals
  • True to size
  • All parts of the sandal can be easily repaired


  • Heavier than Teva sandals, 35% heavier than other outdoor sandals on the market
  • The footbed takes some time to mold to your feet
  • A little expensive

Teva sandals – An overview

When it comes to sandals for outdoor activities and travel, Teva is a respectable brand. As compared to Chaco, Teva sandals are a little more conventional and suitable for people using sandals for the first time. The Velcro strap style makes the sandals easier to wear and the casual sole makes the Teva sandal a great buy.

Although many outdoor adventurers and travel enthusiasts have claimed that the Teva sandals are not as sturdy as the Chaco sandals, there are several models of Teva that are designed for a variety of purposes. From basic, lightweight models to sturdy, heavyweight models; Teva sandals are more versatile.

Different Teva models on the market

The best-selling Teva models are Hurricane XLT, Terra Fi 4, and the Original Universal sandals. Each of these models comes with varied levels of comfort, support, and durability.

Materials used in Teva sandals

The very first Teva sandal pair was made of two Velcro bands and an old flip-flop pair. The latest Teva models are made of a unique technology enhanced nylon material, water suitable polyester webbing, and durabrasion rubber.

Are Teva sandals waterproof?

Similar to Chaco sandals, Teva sandals are not waterproof. They have an affinity for water and absorb it quickly. They dry very fast and don’t retain water for extended periods. And, the best thing about the Teva sandals is that they maintain enough traction even in wet conditions.

Are Teva sandals true to size?

If you have a standard foot size, the Teva sandals will fit perfectly. However, if you have a half-size or wide toe-box, you should pick a bigger size. A sandal that’s a bit bigger is always better than a tight sandal.

Best-selling Teva sandals on the market – 3 top picks

Just like we did for the Chaco sandals, we conducted extensive market research for the Teva sandals and came up with the 3 best-selling Teva sandals on the market.

Teva Terra Fi 4

MaterialSynthetic and leather
Heel height
Midsole PU
OutsoleRugged Spider Original Rubber
Strap typeQuick drying adjustable polyester webbed straps
Weight0.9 lb. (443g)

Teva Terra Fi 4 is currently the best-selling model from Teva’s classic range of sandals. The sandals are lightweight, sturdy and suitable for sports as well as for use on all terrains. The polyester webbing straps resist wear and tear, and dry quickly. Teva’s convenient hook-and-loop closure functionality provides a great, comfortable fit.

The soles delicately cradle your feet and provide enough support. The heel of the sandals contains a shock absorber that’s specially designed to reduce stress during long hikes. The Microban technology incorporated in the sandals provide safety against microbes and prevent foot odor.

Teva Hurricane XLT

Material100% Polyester
Heel height
Midsole EVA-foam
OutsoleDurabrasion Rubber
Strap typePolyester and nylon straps
Weight2 lb. (907g)

Teva Hurricane XLT sandals are simple and reliable. The most striking thing about this sandal is that not many features have been upgraded since its launch. And, Teva proudly goes on to claim that they strongly believe the sandals are great and do not require an upgrade.

The universal strapping comes with 3 adjustable points that provide a perfect fit. The heel strap is cushioned to offer comfort. Moreover, the straps are water-friendly.

The Teva Hurricane XLT sandals come with a nylon shank for stability at the angles, a powerful shock-absorber in the heel to provide support during sudden impact, and Microban technology to ward off feet odor.

Teva Original Universal

Material100% Polyester
Heel height1 inch (25.4 mm)
Midsole EVA-foam
OutsoleDurabrasion Rubber
Strap typeUniversal Strapping System

If you’re looking for inexpensive outdoor sandals that are top-rated, the Teva Original Universal sandals can be a great buy. They are lightweight and durable. The design is sleeker and simpler as compared to the other Teva models. The EVA-foam footbed is extremely soft and comfortable. The 3 point adjustable Universal Strapping System provides a perfect fit.

Pros and cons of Teva sandals


  • Fully adjustable straps with 3-point adjustment system
  • Microban technology in the footbed for anti-microbial action and elimination of foot odor
  • Optimum traction and grip of the sole
  • Quickly drying straps
  • Water-friendly sandals
  • Lightweight as compared to the Chaco sandals
  • Ideal for light traveling
  • Suitable for use on all kinds of terrains


  • Less durable as compared to the Chaco sandals
  • Thinner insoles
  • Doesn’t provide adequate arch support
  • Not comfortable for people with a wider toe box
Elevated edges of the footbed provide discomfort

Teva vs Chaco – An overall comparison table

After deep diving into the Teva vs Chaco debate, let’s quickly look at the overall comparison table between the two brands. Please note; we’re not talking about specific products here, we’re providing you with an overall comparison of the two brands.

Adjustable straps

Teva vs Chaco – Who’s the winner?

Now that you’ve gone through the detailed Teva vs Chaco comparison, what is your take? If you’ve already chosen one of the brands, great!

Both, Teva vs Chaco sandals come with impeccable features that make them ideal for travel, hiking, and outdoor activities. Your choice will completely depend on your requirement. If you’re looking for sandals for a short hike or walk, Teva sandals can be a good option.

However, if you’re looking for sandals for long hikes, river crossing, and other extensive activities that demand durability, the Chaco sandals can be a great buy.

Looking at the overall picture, even though the Teva sandals are lightweight, they’re less durable. So, based on the product reviews and feedback from existing customers, we’ve concluded that Chaco is the winner. The thick soles of the Chaco sandals make them suitable for all kinds of terrains and can be easily repaired.

We hope you agree with our choice. If there are any brands or products that you would want us to compare, please let us know. Our experts will be happy to help you.