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Traveling to new places is very exciting, yet you need to take many precautions to ensure your safety. Before traveling, you need to consider all of the gear you need to bring with you, and one you may have considered is a water bottle.

We believe it is essential to travel but if you want to be a wise traveler, we advise you to invest in a filtered water bottle. We advise you to buy a filtered water bottle, as one of the precautions to take before traveling is making sure you will have access to safe drinking water.

Regardless of where you are in the world, it is important to keep hydrated. Owning a filtered water bottle will allow you to be cost-effective, as bottled water can frequently be expensive (especially in airports).

It is also a smart move to be a little cautious of drinking tap water in countries known for not having clean water. Additionally, it is vital to keep plastic waste down, so using a reusable bottle is environmentally friendly. 

Filtered water bottles cost more than ordinary water bottles however the filtered water bottles are worth the extra money for the assurance of drinking clean and safe water. 

Now you may be wondering ‘what is the best filtered water bottle I can get for my travels?’, so we will get started reviewing products to help you choose the best product for you. 

We are going to be covering a range of different brands and products, so you can see which will win the competition for the best filtered water bottle. The winner has been decided based on the pros and cons, features and suitability for traveling. 

What is a filtered water bottle? 

In recent years, filtered water bottles have boomed in popularity. The prominent reasoning behind this is because we are becoming more environmentally aware of our plastic use, and filtered water bottles reduce this as they are reusable.

You may be thinking, ‘Why not just use a regular water bottle?’. Well, filtered water bottles can intake any type of water, whether it is tap or from a natural source, and improve the taste as well as remove bacteria from it.

So, if you are planning on traveling, you should invest in a filtered water bottle. It will result in safe and great tasting water, and you can fill up on the go without the worry of consuming water which isn’t fit for drinking. 

Best Filtered Water Bottle – Our Top Picks


Brita is a German filtering brand that was founded in 1966 and has developed an excellent reputation for high-quality products. Brita’s products are manufactured in Germany, alongside other countries like Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, and China.

Brita creates filtered water bottles that are stylish and personal. They are perfect for traveling, as you can purchase a water bottle that can be filled up to 600ml (enough to last you a few hours) or 1.2 litres (enough to last you a day).

Using a Brita filtered bottle will drastically improve the taste of tap water, changing it to taste fresh. The water you drink is filtered in real-time (as you drink it). 

Brita filters are equipped with MicroDisc technology, which effectively removes chlorine and other chemicals but saves beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

Particularly attractive features of Brita’s filtered water bottles is the long lifetime of the bottles however, you would need to change your filter every 2 months. Another is the wide choice of colors to choose from. As well as the lightweight of the product. 

Everything about Brita’s filtered water bottles is environmentally friendly, as it will encourage customers to reduce their usage of plastic bottled water significantly. Another eco-friendly feature of these bottles is that the filters can be recycled. 

With a range of products on the market at the moment, Brita has a large variety of filtered water bottles to choose from. You can decide which of the bottles is the best for you based on the capacity, mouthpiece, material, and price. However, our favorite is the Brita Premium Water Filter bottle. 

Below we have drawn up a list of pros and cons of choosing Brita as a brand for your future filtered water bottle. 


  1. Produces great tasting water.
  2. The capacity is 600ml. 
  3. The price is affordable.
  4. Eco-Friendly. 
  5. The product is very light.
  6. Reduces the number of impurities in water. 
  7. Fast water flow.
  8. Number 1 best seller on Amazon.


  1. It can easily leak if not properly closed. 
  2. Regular change of filters. 
  3. Filters are expensive.


The company Grayl was inspired by two travelers who identified the issues of using plastic bottles can have and the issues of unclean water.

Grayl filtered water bottles cost more than Brita’s range of bottles however, they have more appealing features for dedicated travelers. For example, Grayl’s Ultralight Water Purifier removes almost 100% of disease causing bacteria such as salmonella and cholera and prevents diseases like Hepatitis A and rotavirus.

This almost perfect filtering is a very attractive feature, as it likely prevents any illnesses when traveling (most traveler’s worst nightmare)  and will ensure you are drinking clean and safe water.

In addition to this, the Grayl filtered water bottle produces great tasting water. The excellent tasting water is a result of the filter destroying many chemicals and heavy metals, which produces a no after taste flavor.

The design of  Grayl’s Ultralight is stylish and comes in 3 colors. The design of it is also convenient as it is easy-to-use, it doesn’t require any squeezing of the bottle, you can simply drink! 

The Grayl Ultralight is perfect for traveling, as it is portable due to its lightness and regular size (it even fits in most cup holders). Also the excellent purification enables you to fill up your water bottle from any tap whilst abroad, without risk of illness or poor tasting water. 

Before you start drinking, the water is already purified. The bottle can purify 2 liters per minute, so if you invest in the Ultralight water bottle; it will be purified within 15 seconds! However, the low capacity of the product requires you to fill up regularly if you’re going on long trips.

However, most plastic bottles you buy would be around 500ml, so with that consideration, it is still a very practical option. 


  1. Good and practical design. 
  2. The product is light.
  3. You only need to change the filter every 3 months.
  4. 99.9% effective in regards to purification. 
  5. Great tasting water.


  1. The capacity is low; at just under 500ml. 
  2. You can’t clean the filters, you have to purchase new ones.
  3. The FIlters are expensive. 
  4. The products are more expensive than other brands. 


Bobble is a more affordable option than Grayl if you are traveling on a budget. Bobble’s water bottles will dramatically improve the taste of the water however, it will not purify the water, so you may still be at risk of drinking disease causing chemicals. 

Bobble classic filtered water bottles are produced in a range of colors and look very stylish for everyday use as well. Bobble’s water bottles come with 2 options for capacity; either 500ml or 1 liter.

The higher the capacity the bigger the bottle, yet we would recommend buying the 1 liter option for longer trips out as it will last you all day. Plastic bottles are BPA-free. The filter is replaceable at a low-cost price and need to be changed approximately every 2 months.

Although this is a downfall of the product, it is equal to having 300 plastic water bottles (at 500ml). So it is environmentally friendly, as 300 bottles worth of plastic isn’t being thrown away; you will be doing your part to help the world becoming a more eco-friendly place. 

Booble’s filtered water bottle utilizes an activated carbon filter; which has a mild electro-positive charge. As a result, impurities and chemicals are attracted to it and rise up to the surface. The filter removes impurities from tap water chlorine that matches NSF International Standard 42. 


  1. Extremely affordable product. 
  2. Filters out solvent chemicals
  3. Produces great tasting water. 
  4. The bottle is light; ideal for traveling.
  5. Easy to drink from. 
  6. The product comes in a range of colors.


  1. The filter has to be replaced regularly.
  2. The bottle is not as durable as other bottles.  
  3. The product is cheaply made.
  4. It can be hard to drink from as you cannot squeeze the bottle. 


The brand Sawyer is an American company, which was founded in 1984. Sawyer strives towards creating the best filtered water bottles for travelers all around the world. Although the products tend to be more expensive, they are uniquely designed to produce safe and improved tasting filtered water.

The company Sawyer has created a wide variety of products, we will be reviewing our favorite of their bottles (which we consider the best filtered water bottle by this company) which is called the Sawyer Select S1 Filter System

This excellently designed filtered water bottle has been specifically designed to create safe drinking water from natural sources of water like lakes, rivers, and streams. The filter has been designed to get rid of all waterborne bacteria and sediment. The bottle removes the following: bacteria, protozoa, chemicals, and Pesticides.

The filter can be removed and attached to a water bag for storage, which is a very convenient feature if you are on a camping trip. Another unique feature is that a cleaning kit is included with the water bottle, which makes it practical for continuous use and a longer lifetime. 

Sawyer boasts high levels of contaminants removal and fast water flow, due to the foam membrane which creates a surface area larger than in those of other filtered water bottles like Brita and Grayl.

When using the Select S1, you’ll notice it’s different to use than your regular water bottles, as you have to squeeze the bottle a few seconds for the water to be filtered. 


  1. The filter can be removed and cleaned at ease. 
  2. 1600 uses before you need to change the filter. 
  3. The filtered water meets EPA standards for safe and clean drinking water.
  4. BPA free. 


  1. The capacity is 590ml which may not be suitable for long journeys. 
  2. More expensive than previously mentioned brands like Bobble and Grayl. 
  3. It takes some time to fill up because of the foam membrane. 
  4. Limited colors are available. 


Out of all of the options we have discussed so far, WaterWell’s Foldable Travel Filter Water Bottle is by far the most portable.  WaterWell’s Foldable Travel Filter Water Bottle is around a middle-tier price for filtered water bottles, it costs a similar amount to Brita’s water bottle we reviewed earlier in this guide. 

WaterWelll’s filtered water bottle removes almost all bacteria from water, and significantly reduces the chances of catching waterborne diseases that could ruin your travels. 

This filtered water bottle has the capacity of 500ml, which may not be ideal for longer trips whilst traveling yet it will last for a few hours and can be filled up from any water sources like lakes, streams, and rivers.

This filtered water bottle is very easy to drink out of, as you can squeeze it and the mouthpiece has a steady flow. The cap of the bottle is very strong as a result it is very unlikely for any leaking to take place. 

Using WaterWell’s bottle will reduce the amount of money you spend on plastic bottles, as using one filter is the same as using 2000 plastic drinking water bottles. Therefore, this makes the WaterWell’s water bottle a cost effective option for your time travelling. Yet, it ensures that less plastic is being used globally; which is environmentally friendly. 

This filtered water bottle has been designed to have a long lifetime, which will save you money in the long run. You may need to replace the filter however, they are very reasonably priced.


  1. The filter removes 99.99% of bacteria. 
  2. Very portable.
  3. Will not take up a lot of room in you bags. 
  4. Filters natural water. 
  5. Secure design, which prevents leaking.
  6. You will only need to change the filter 1-2 times a year.
  7. BPA free. 


  1. The capacity is 500ml. 
  2. Not the most durable bottle we have reviewed. 
  3. It can pierce easily if you are not careful with the product.
  4. The bottle is somewhat delicate.

What do you need to keep in mind when buying a filtered water bottle? 

Now that we have closely looked at the best filtered water bottles on the market right now, let’s discuss what features are the most vital when it comes to selecting a filtered water bottle.

We have evaluated each of the reviewed products on these factors. All of these features are something to keep in mind before buying a filtered water bottle. 

BPA Free

Most of the filtered water bottles we looked at before selecting our favorites were BPA free, yet this is something you always need to check before buying a filtered water bottle. BPA is a chemical that is used in particular plastics, and quite often plastic water bottles.

Experts are continuously running research into the effects of consuming BPA; we believe it is better to be on the safe side and use an alternative. 


Depending on the length of your trips without access to water will determine the importance of capacity. If you’re hiking for long periods of time, we advise you to buy a water bottle that is around 1 liter.

Despite the fact that the higher capacity than the higher the price; you don’t want to leave yourself short as keeping hydrated is important. On the other hand, if you know you will have frequent access to tap or natural water, you may want to save yourself some money and go for a smaller bottle at around 500ml. 


The portability of a filtered water bottle is an essential feature to keep your eye out for. If you want to keep the weight of your bag down, look at a bottle with a small capacity. Also, if you are carrying lots of equipment, you don’t want bulky water bottles taking up a lot of space.

Lifetime of filters

With some of the filtered water bottles we have reviewed, the filters used in them can be quite expensive. Therefore, you won’t want to be regularly paying for replacements if it can be helped. Also, if you are a regular traveler you do not want to be excessively paying for filters when the money could be spent on other things.

On the other hand, even with expensive replacement filters, you will still be spending less on them than you would with single-use plastic bottles. As a result, try not to fret too much about the price of the filters, as they may seem expensive up-front yet are more cost-effective in the long run. 


The durability of filtered water bottles is a fundamental factor. If the bottle is made out of flimsy material, there is a heightened possibility it may split or crack. So, if a product has poor durability and you have it in your bag, there is a possibility of it leaking and potentially destroying your luggage.

In addition, if you are spending money on a product, you expect it to last you for at least a short while, in order to get your money’s worth. 


Price is always a factor worth considering before you buy a product. Although you may think that you will only use a filtered water bottle whilst traveling; you will find yourself using it every day.

With this in mind, it is advisable to go for a product that is stylish and has a long lifetime; yet this doesn’t always equate to spending more money. This factor is something for you to make up your mind about. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read our guide and understood the features we have evaluated each of the filtered water bottles on, we think the best filtered water bottle is Sawyer’s select S1 filter system! This product ticks all the boxes for having an excellent filtered water bottle.

Although it’s more expensive than the other respectable options, it is adaptable for filtering mass amounts of water. The filter only requires to be replaced after 1600 uses! The water bottle is made from high-quality materials. The unique filtering system ensures almost all of waterborne bacteria will not be consumed by the drinker. 

As always, you may disagree with us because of your different requirements for a filtered water bottle. In this case, we hope that one of the other 4 options are better suited for you. If you have any questions about any of the products we reviewed, please comment below. We will be in touch as soon as we can! 

Before you travel, we recommend you look at more of our guides and reviews. This will guarantee you have the best gear for your future trips.  

On a final note, if you have any specific products you want us to review, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help out travelers from all around the world.